Wordless Wednesday: Whoa! Monsters Inc. 3D! #DisneyMoviesEvent

Wordless Wednesday: Monsters Inc. 3D

Monsters Inc. 3D Deserves Words

Sorry, I cannot be completely wordless today. Let’s be honest. My Wordless Wednesday posts are rarely wordless anyway! So I’m going to continue that tradition so I can gush over the fact that Monsters Inc. will be returning to movie theaters on December 19th in 3D!

My sister loved Monsters Inc. It was one of her favorite Disney movies. Kitty was her absolute favorite character! I’m hoping W will love it too so I have someone to watch it with again and again! I’m keeping my fingers crossed! I’m also thrilled because I’ll be getting a sneak peek of Monsters Inc. 3D at the #DisneyMoviesEvent at the end of the month. I’ll let you know how it is!

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Which Monsters Inc. character is your favorite?