Wordless Wednesday: My Little Boy

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Wordless Wednesday: My Little Boy

Wordless Wednesday: My Little Boy

Every so often (actually more and more often these days) I catch a photo of W that gets me. In more and more photos, I see less and less of the tiny baby I brought home with me just 4 hours after he was born. I will never forget that night. After 17 hours of labor (12 of them at home) and 4 hours of monitoring at the birthing center, I took my little guy home.

Now he’s growing up. The camera doesn’t lie. He’s becoming more and more of a little boy each day.

My little boy.


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    So cute!!! It’s funny, we are saying this more and more about our 21 month old. But then I see pictures of my almost 4 year old from last year and he looks like a baby then. It’s just amazing how quickly they change and grow!!
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    Aww! I know EXACTLY what you mean.. I get that feeling all the time when i take pictures of my son. I’ll see my little baby in “real life”, but the camera shows a BOY. Now he’s into Batman, Spider-man, and ….. and…. sports!!!?? When did that happen? Weren’t we JUST watching Sprout and laughing at Caillou?!?

    I’ve also watched W grow in pictures! I cannot believe how big he’s getting.. seems like he’s grown in each and every picture you’ve posted. So handsome! <3
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