WorryWoos: Nola Plush & Book Review (Sponsor Spotlight)


If you have been reading Formula Mom for a while, then you know that my next New Year, New Reads sponsor is one of my favorite sponsors! I have worked with Andi from WorryWoos twice before and I am thrilled that WorryWoos is on board again! You can read about our love for two of the WorryWoo Monsters: Rue and Wince. We recently added a new member to our WorryWoos collection and Nola has been a great addition to the family!

The WorryWoo Monsters, a series by Andi Green, was first seen in a New York City art exhibition in 2001. Originally called The Monsters in My Head, Green wanted to create characters with a story that each embodied an emotion. Using her design and illustration background she built 5 light boxes, 24”X36” in size, each containing a monster with its story Xerox-transferred to the front of the box. From loneliness to confusion, she began tackling complicated feelings and transformed them into quirky, loveable characters. Her message of “embrace your emotions” received such a positive response, she was asked by many if she ever considered turning her single art pieces into storybooks. In 2002 she began to expand her concept, but it wasn’t until 2007 that she decided to publish and produce her new collection.

WorryWoos Nola The Monster of LonelinessNola is the Monster of Loneliness and her book, The Lonely Little Monster, explores Nola’s big problem — she doesn’t have any friends! This is definitely a feeling that everyone can relate to at some point in their lives and The Lonely Little Monster shows how she overcomes being miserable and feeling all alone. The book teaches a great lesson about looking outside of yourself to see the world around you with a bit more clarity.

Nola’s story, The Lonely Little Monster, shows us that even the WorryWoos feel alone sometimes!

The story has a good rhyming scheme which makes it engaging for little ones. There is also a limited amount of text on each page which is great for younger readers I am still a huge fan of the illustration style of the WorryWoo books. They look like they were down with watercolors and they are simply beautiful, in my opinion. I also love that we have a Nola plush to hug as we read the book because it makes it even more engaging for W. He loves to chew on Nola’s feet and hold her by the tail!

Buy it!

You can purchase all of the WorryWoo monsters and books on the WorryWoos website. The WorryWoos books are available for $14.99 and come in hardcover. The coordinating plush toys are $21.50. You can get the book and plush together as a set for $36.

You can also follow WorryWoos on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube! Get connected to stay updated on all of the new monsters and their stories!

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