WorryWoos Twitch Helps Battle Frustration

WorryWoos Meet Twitch, the Monster of Frustration

WorryWoos Twitch Helps Battle Frustration

Meet Twitch. He’s the monster of frustration. Yes, I’m once again featuring a monster on the blog! When I learned that there was a new WorryWoos friend in the works, I could barely wait for him to make his debut! Here at Formula Mom we’ve met Nola (the monster of loneliness), Wince (the monster of worry), and Rue (the monster of insecurity).

All have been welcomed into our family with open arms. As a teacher, I’ve learned that one way to get a child excited about reading is to find a book with fabulous illustrations. If you can bring the story to life even more with a plush toy or figure, you’re golden. Over the years I have gotten some of my most reluctant readers interested in books using a plush toy.

So I was excited to meet Twitch, the newest member of the WorryWoos family!

Meet Twitch, a WorryWoos monster

Meet Twitch, the Monster of Frustration

Twitch is the Monster of Frustration and as we head towards W being 2, I’m learning a lot about frustration. W is easily frustrated these days and sometimes I am as well. I’m okay with admitting that. Being a mom is definitely teaching me even more about patience. Like many of us, Twitch often lets his frustration get the better of him!

The Very Frustrated Monster by Andi Green tells the tale of this little monster whose favorite phrases include, “Why me?” and “It’s not fair!” I know that many parents (and teachers) are probably familiar with the second one. Oh, if only life was fair! And if you’re ever had a bad day, then you will be able to relate to this story!

WorryWoos The Very Frustrated Monster

As with all of the WorryWoos books, the story teaches a great lesson about emotions and how to handle them. It’s great for teaching social skills. And the illustrations are beautiful. They are the same high quality I have come to expect from Andi Green’s books. She is able to take emotions that can be difficult for children to understand and bring them to life. She makes emotions easier to relate to by giving them life.

The WorryWoos are great for kids of all ages and ability levels. The stories are short and simple enough to be enjoyed by younger kids. But the subject matter is important enough to be relevant for older kids as well.

Oh, and Twitch is absolutely adorable! He has great colors and is definitely recognizable in both hand drawn and plush version! So if you’re looking for a unique gift idea, I definitely recommend checking out the WorryWoos! Andi Green offers a great variety in her monster friends so you can find something for all of the little ones in your life.

Visit worrywoos.com to learn more about all of the WorryWoos monsters! You can also find WorryWoos on Facebook and on Twitter @WorryWooMonster!

Tell me an emotion you would like to see brought to life by WorryWoos monsters!

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