From the Minds Behind Wreck-It Ralph #DisneyMoviesEvent

Wreck-It Ralph Interview at Disney Animation Studios #wreckitralph #DisneyMoviesEvent

Wreck-It Ralph Interview with Director & Producer

Last month as part of my day at the Disney Animation Studios, I had the opportunity to attend Wreck-It Ralph  press day and interview the minds behind the movie! Sitting down with director Rich Moore and producer Clark Spencer in the room that was once Roy Disney’s office was amazing.

I learned about three of the building blocks that went into making the film.


Authenticity was important to director Rich Moore. He wanted to have real video game characters in the movie. Because if you’re going to do it, you’ve got to it right! So they wondered what they might be able to get. Both men figured that if they could snag permission to use just a few characters, it would really help ground the film.

But when they started reaching out to companies and sharing the Wreck-It Ralph idea, everyone was extremely excited. Sure, it took a lot of talking and working with legal teams, but in the end it all went much more smoothly than either anticipated. Companies really seemed to be interested. Perhaps because the characters weren’t going to be the main characters. It’s a precedent definitely set by Toy Story and continued with Wreck-It Ralph.

Interview with Wreck-It Ralph Director & Producer #WreckItRalph #DisneyMoviesEvent


The goal was not to cast voices because they were popular. The thought wasn’t to cast someone because it would bring in more money at the theaters. The goal was to find actors who could come from the heart of the characters. Actors would could truly bring the characters to life!

Rich Moore and Clark Spencer asked themselves questions about which actors would be good at doing the roles and bringing the characters to life. Who would do it justice? They had a big board where they would put up photos of people. And the faces would sometimes change from day-to-day.

Although they did know early on that John C. Reilly would be great for Ralph (and I couldn’t agree more)! Of course, Sergeant Calhoun was a man for a long time so not all decisions were made early on!

Wreck-It Ralph Interview with Director #WreckItRalph #DisneyMoviesEvent


Rich wanted to celebrate the history of video games with Wreck-It Ralph. He wanted to honor where everything started, back with games like PONG. He wanted to set a game like that next to a HALOesque type game to see how far the gaming world had come.

So Wreck-It Ralph is all about the juxtaposition of the history of games. It celebrates the different genres and brings them all together at the same time.

The world of Fix-It Felix, Jr. is very simple. The design, camera work, and animation style is all done in a simple way. There’s nothing circular or round. It’s all very pixelated and square.

Then you jump to the world of Hero’s Duty which is extremely realistic. The characters, the design of the world, and the animation all seems so real. It really shows just how far games have come.

The whimsical world of Sugar Rush (think Mario Kart) celebrates classic Disney animation. It’s sweet, magical, and fun. There is something for everyone in this movie! So be sure to check out Wreck-It Ralph in theaters on November 2nd! You can also check out Wreck-It Ralph on Facebook and on Twitter @WreckItRalph!

Tell me which world of Wreck-It Ralph you’re most excited about!


Formula Mom Disclosure: Disney provided me with a trip to Los Angeles in return for my honest reviews of the movies and events mentioned. Most expenses  were paid by Disney and no other compensation was given. All experiences and opinions are 100% my own.