5 Things I Learned at Wreck-It Ralph Press Day #WreckItRalph #DisneyMoviesEvent

Wreck-It Ralph #DisneyMoviesEvent #WreckItRalph

1. Wreck-It Ralph is ready to wreck it!

Let’s wreck it! On my recent #DisneyMoviesEvent trip to Los Angeles, I was lucky enough to get an insider’s peek into the making of Wreck-It Ralph as part of a press day for the new film.

Was I excited? Um… yes? I have been excited about Wreck-It Ralph for months so this was definitely a dream come true! I am ready to wreck it!

Although the the movie opens on November 2nd, everyone is hard at work on the finishing touches! I didn’t realize just how long it can take to put together an animated film. I guess I was thinking it was easier and quicker when you didn’t have to work with actors on blocking and things like that. I got schooled (in the best way)!

Meet Ralph #DisneyMoviesEvent

Our day started with a screening of Wreck-It Ralph (you can read my review in a few weeks). Let me say that having a film introduced to you by the director and producer is an amazing experience. It gives great insight into the minds behind the magic. Later in the day we had the opportunity to interview both Wreck-It Ralph Director Rich Moore and Producer Clark Spencer. I will be sharing that interview with you in two weeks!

While we were able to see a full cut of the film, it wasn’t complete yet. I loved being able to see scenes in different stages of development. I cannot wait to see it next month when it is completely finished and in 3D!

Did I like it? YES. Like is not quite enough and love might not be either. It’s one of the best films I have seen recently. It just appealed to the side of me that loves video games. I loved seeing new characters mingling with some classic video characters!

Disney Animation Studios #WreckItRalph #DisneyMoviesEvent

2. The Disney Animation Studios Building is a hub of creativity.

So, I might have gotten a bit caught up as we pulled up in front of the Disney Animation building. That blue sorcerer’s hat is just so familiar and brings back so many Disney memories for me. (Later, I learned that inside the hat is an office!)

But before I get ahead of myself, I need to say that the building itself was amazing. From screening theaters to the themed pods (to match the movies being worked on) of offices, I just felt like I had stepped into a hub of creativity. There was just a special energy that I felt throughout the entire day.

When we got a tour of the building that included a walk through the Wreck-It Ralph pod and a glimpse at the planning boards for the 2013 film Frozen, I really felt like I was in the middle of something truly magically.

Designing Wreck-It Ralph Cars #DisneyMoviesEvent

3. Candy race cars are not just for the movies.

We had the opportunity to get our creative juices flowing with a bit of inspiration from the Sugar Rush world of Wreck-It Ralph. If you’re not familiar, Sugar Rush is a racing game set in a world made of candy and sweet treats! It’s the home of  Vanellope von Schweetz, the adorable girl you may have spotted in the trailers.

Tomorrow you can get all of the details about how to make your own candy cars. We all had a great time and some people created some fabulous vehicles! The best part is that you could eat your mistakes! It’s a great way to bring the movie home or get your kids excited about the movie. If you need a way to use up extra or leftover Halloween candy, consider making Wreck-It Ralph inspired cars!

Can I admit that I was pretty proud of my creation. Yes, that tasty vehicle in the photo above was designed and executed by me. Perhaps I finally found my artistic medium!

The evolution of Ralph! #WreckItRalph #DisneyMoviesEvent

The evolution of Ralph.

4. Movie making is about inspiration.

In addition to an amazing tour of the building, I also got to learn more about the inspiration behind the worlds of Wreck-It Ralph. We sat down with Art Director Mike Gabriel and Visual Development Artist Lorelay Bove and were treated to slides about the development of the world of Sugar Rush.

Did you know that each world in the film is based on a shape? I was intrigued by this idea. The world of Sugar Rush is designed with circles in mind. Looking at stills from the movie I could completely see it! The world of Fix-It Felix Jr. is all about the square while Hero’s Duty is themed around the triangle. I cannot wait to see the movie again and pay attention to all of the little shape details that make up these unique video game worlds.

Even more than that, the different worlds are inspired by architecture and locations around the world. Candy from Little Tokyo was a great inspiration for the characters and scenery found in Sugar Rush. Gabriel and Bove traveled to Europe to explore the architecture and attended chocolate and candy trade shows to learn about the best ways to light candy.

Inspiration comes from everywhere!

Drawing #WreckItRalph #DisneyMoviesEvent

5. I can draw Wreck-It Ralph!

Yes, you read that right! I can draw Wreck-It Ralph! This is from the girl whose students once told her it was a good thing she wasn’t the art teacher. Ah, kids can be so precious sometimes. Really, I’m can hold my own when sketching a drawing but I’m not artist.

When it was announced that we would be meeting with Renato dos Anjos, Head of Animation on Wreck-It Ralph, and Animator Kira Lehtomaki, I got a bit nervous. I don’t know anything about animating anything. I grew up doing theater not taking art or computer classes. Being told I was going to draw Ralph and Vanellope made me shudder a little.

It turns out that I learned a lot in this session and it was one of the most enjoyable. I learned just how much work goes into animating one scene from the film. Animators typically film themselves in different poses saying the lines so they can study different expressions and body language. And here I was thinking that there wasn’t as much physical acting going on because it was an animated film!

In the end, thanks to some wonderful step-by-step directions, I was able to draw Ralph’s wrecking hands with great success. I was also able to muddle my way through a sketch that actually resembled Vanellope von Schweetz a bit! I was one proud momma!

What would you like to learn about Wreck-It Ralph?

If you have questions about the film, I would love to try to answer them for you! We learned a lot and so I might be able to hook you up! If not, there is always the internet and all of its glorious answers!

WRECK-IT RALPH smashes into theaters everywhere on November 2nd! While you’re counting down the days, you can check out Wreck-It Ralph on Facebook and on Twitter @WreckItRalph! And don’t forget to visit the official site!

Get ready to wreck it!

Formula Mom Disclosure: Disney provided me with a trip to Los Angeles in return for my honest review on the movies and events mentioned above. Most of my expenses  were paid by Disney and no other compensation was given. All experiences and opinions are 100% my own.