Wreck-It Ralph Review: 3 Reasons You Have To See It! #DisneyMoviesEvent

Wreck-It Ralph Review #WreckItRalph #DisneyMoviesEvent

3 Reasons You Have To See It! Aka my Wreck-It Ralph Review

After all the raving I did last month over Wreck-It Ralph, you can probably predict how this is going to go. Yes, I’m going to continue to rave in my Wreck-It Ralph review. Be prepared. Brace yourself! But I cannot help it, this is a film I just really enjoyed for a number of reasons. Three reasons to be exact.

Behind the Scenes of #WreckItRalph #DisneyMoviesEvent

1. You’ll Be Able to Relate

The first is the fact that I love the Wreck-It Ralph story. It’s one most of us can relate to in some way. It’s the story of Ralph and his struggle to fit in. Ever felt that way? I know I have. Ralph is a walking stereotype and gets tired of being the bad guy overshadowed by good guy Fix It, Felix.

Sounds like the perfect premise for a primetime drama, right? Well, it could be except there is one difference! Ralph heads out on a video game jumping adventure to prove that he is more than a bad guy. He meets a soldier who is on a mission to destroy that which destroyed her life. There’s a little glitch in a game who is also out to prove herself. Oh, and Ralph learns that sometimes you end up depending on those you thought were your rivals — the people you thought didn’t care.

Seriously, I’m pretty sure anyone can find something to relate to in this story.

Wreck-It Ralph Review You'll Laugh #WreckItRalph #DisneyMoviesEvent

2. You’ll Laugh

I can guarantee that Wreck-It Ralph will make you laugh. If it doesn’t then I’m a bit worried about you! With John C. Reilly as the voice of Ralph, Sarah Silverman as Vanellope, and (my fave!) Jane Lynch as Sergeant Calhoun, the casting alone promises to draw some chuckles out of you!

Although I’m not Sarah Silverman, one of the scenes that always makes me laugh is when Ralph first meets Vanellope von Schweetz. Remember when I voiced Vanellope? Silverman doesn’t it even better than I did! And it’s hard to resist that cute little girl with candy stuck in her hair.

It’s a great family film because there is humor for both kids and adults. As a mom, I appreciate that the adult humor wasn’t inappropriate for the kids. There was enough to keep me amused without it dropping into the gutter. Thank you Disney for that! We need more of it these days!

Wreck-It Ralph Review You Might Cry #WreckItRalph #DisneyMoviesEvent

3. You Might Even Cry

Maybe I’m just a very emotional person. Wait, there is no maybe about that. I am definitely an emotional person. But I’m brave enough to admit that there were some moments during Wreck-It Ralph when I teared up a bit. It goes back to being able to relate to the story.

When Ralph was feeling left out, I knew what they felt like. I’ve been there. When the story of love lost was revealed (yes, there is a backstory that involves love lost, it will be okay!) I felt those heartstrings tug a bit. And when Ralph was changed by little Vanellope, I definitely had to wipe some tears.

To go from laughter to tears in a single movie? That is the sign of a great film!

Wreck-It Ralph Review Must See #WreckItRalph #DisneyMoviesEvent

The Verdict

Don’t miss Wreck-It Ralph! Yes, that my verdict after this Wreck-It Ralph review. See it!

J and I have a date night planned to see it together. That’s the beauty of it. From the classic arcade setting of the film to the journey that Ralph takes from his 8-bit game through a first-person shooter and on to a racing game, there is something for everyone! J is a huge video game guy so he’s excited. When I came home and told him about the movie, he got even more excited!

It’s got a great story that is easy to connect with. It’s funny. It will tug at your heart. And it’s great for all ages! So I recommend that you get out and see Wreck-It Ralph! Take the kids, take the husband, or take your mom! Grambo wants to see it too so I have a feeling we’ll be hitting the theaters a few times!

Wreck-It Ralph smashes into theaters everywhere on November 2nd! Stay updated by checking out Wreck-It Ralph on Facebook and on Twitter @WreckItRalph! Oh, and don’t forget to visit the official site!

When are you planning to see Wreck-It Ralph?

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