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Welcome to The Simple Parent!

About the Formula: Mom Family

Meet Mariah!

Want to know a little bit more about the mom behind The Simple Parent? Check out these 5 quick facts!

  1. Mom. Mariah became a mom in December 2010 when her little man, Weston, was born. Just days before he was born she completed her Master’s of Education in Educational Administration. Oh, and she got the Christmas presents all wrapped on time too! In November 2013, she became a mom again to her precious little miss Carrigan. Both kids were born in med-free water births at a birthing center with amazing midwives!
  2. Teacher. Although she’s now a full-time work-at-home mom, Mariah taught elementary school for 8 years. She taught first grade, technology (K-4th), and special education preschool. So children and their education is definitely important to her. Now she’s learning just how much of the learning starts at home!
  3. Wife.  Mariah met her husband Justin on Match.com and got married in July 2008 after dating for 2 years. They’re proof that internet dating can work! She did have to go on her share of bad dates before she finally got lucky!
  4. Family. Her little family is rounded out by Grambo (her mom and co-author here at The Simple Parent) and their dog, Toby. It’s a busy home but they wouldn’t have it any other way. They never expected to be living with such a large family but it has been an amazing experience and a great way to raise the kids! Having multiple generations to help out is huge although it does have its challenges too.
  5. Blog.  Mariah started Formula: Mom in March 2011 as way to share what was working for her as a mother and what was not working. Parenting certainly didn’t come with a handbook and she had so many plans. Some of them have worked out perfectly while others have thrown her for a bit of a loop. One day she came to the realization that parenting was about figuring out a formula that works for your family and Formula: Mom was born as she works to figure out her formula for being mom! She rebranded to The Simple Parent in July 2015 following the focus of her life and the blog. Now her goal is to share easy ideas for simple parenting!

Meet Mariah Moon, the voice behind Formula: Mom and the kids that made her a mom!

As a content creator and brand promoter, her work has appeared at PTPA Blogaholics, WhatToExpect.com Word of Mom and Word of Mom News, Pampers Pregnancy. She is an experienced Brand Ambassador and Twitter Party host/panelist.


Mariah has worked with a variety of brands including:

  • Disney
  • Denny’s
  • Angel Soft
  • HP
  • Huggies
  • 3M
  • Manwich
  • Beachbody


Mariah and the entire family have recently started a new YouTube channel family vlog. Growing Up Moon follows this Texas family with multiple generations living under one roof. With Grambo, Mom, Dad, and two little ones, life can be pretty exciting… or just plain crazy on certain days. Growing Up Moon is just a little glimpse into the daily lives of raising kids and making memories.

Mariah would love to hear from you! You can contact her at mariah@thesimpleparent.com!


  1. Kristin from our growing garden says

    Boy, is that true about motherhood- nothing goes as planned and we will die trying to make our plans work. Found you from Smart and Trendy moms follow on friday!

  2. Kim says

    Now this is a mommy blog I can read! Insightful and down to earth about parenting rather than the stuff often seen. Definitely following you now on my journey to conceive with my husband. I found you through The Catacombs Society.

  3. Nancy says

    Thanks for stopping by my page, I'm your newest follower via GFC! I will be taking part on Sunday again! Talk to you soon!


  4. Lori says

    Your story is SOOO similar to mine! Met my hubby on Match as well. Married in 2007 and welcomed our son in January 2011. I too work full time. So glad to have found your blog via the Makobi Scribe blog hop! I'll be following via GFC. Cheers! :)

  5. Andrea G. says

    Your story is similar to mine, too, except that we didn't meet on match.com (but no judging for those that do!). We are trying for our first, and we already know we will cloth diaper and want a gender neutral crib set in primary colors lol.

    Also, I saw on your Twitter that you're in Houston! I am in Houston as well! :o)

    • Mariah says

      Hey, not everyone can meet on Match.com! :) I hope your journey to conceiving your first goes smoothly! I hope that for everyone that is trying! What part of Houston are you in?

  6. says

    Aww, I just noticed that you and your hubby met via internet dating….not sure how I missed that before…WE DID TOO!!! I know lots of people turn their noses up at that…but I just saw the other day that like 1 in 5 couples or something met via internet dating of some sort or other!!!

    • Mariah says

      It’s so weird because we didn’t live that far from each other, but our circles didn’t overlap at all, so thank goodness for internet dating! Granted, it took me a while to find the one and he got lucky very quickly!

  7. Tammy says

    I think all mothers have some kind of a plan on how they want things to go, with the birth of their child, and that child’s upbringing, but you soon find out that you do have to learn that there is no such thing as a plan, you really have to learn to be flexible and you have to have a lot of common sense, because those are the smarts you will use as your child grows up!! My daughter was the best child growing up, loving and sweet, and kind, and very aware of other people’s feelings, I loved being around her!! Then she grew up and turned 15 yrs. old and it was like the aliens came down and switched my child!! She is 20yrs. old now, in college, and at the moment getting extra credit for spending 3 weeks in the Costa Rica Rainforest!! I’m very proud of her but she is still a brat!! :0)

  8. says

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  9. says

    I met my hubby on Yahoo Personals! We have been married almost 5 years now (next month!) and it turns out we worked not even a mile from each other but we had never met until we found each other online. :)

    Don’t you love the people that say, “You could get killed meeting someone online?” Um, you can get killed meeting someone in a bar, at the grocery store, in church…. 😛

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  10. Dianna Thomas says

    being a mom is a tough and rewarding job– we too have an extended family and also 4 dogs our chaweiner is the boss–he is such a bully

  11. Birdiebee says

    I love reading your blog and about your children. I have grandchildren who are young and one of my nieces will be having a baby in September whom I will be caring for. I love to find out what others are doing with their children, their lives and new ideas since it has been so long that I’ve raised a toddler. Thanks for sharing.

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