Use these simple back to school shopping tips to make your back to school clothes shopping trip easier!

Back to School Shopping Tips for New Clothes

It seems like Back to School shopping is something you either love or you dread. When it comes to school supplies, I adore checking out what's new on the shelves each fall. But I used to avoid clothes shopping at all costs! Now I enjoy shopping for my kids but it's so easy to get carried away so ... read more

Road trips are great family travel ideas because of the learning opportunities! Check out these 8 reasons to plan an Alabama road trip!

8 Reasons to Plan an Alabama Road Trip

Living with my daughter and two grandkids is an adventure every day. But sometimes we just want to get away from the daily routine.  We have set a family goal to visit every state in the good ole US of A and learn about the history of that state.  So since this state starts with the letter "A" , ... read more